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Lewis Lights

- 2013 Display. Click for larger version -

The 2012 Display

The lights are
Look for them to glow again
November 25, 2016

Approx Stats
30,552 lights total
30,512 are LEDs (99.85%)
The other 40 are Xenon strobes, so 0 incandescents
23.48 Amps (all on)
3.2 Kwh per 4-1/2 hour evening
$0.95/day (approx) in electricity
224 Channels of Light-O-Rama Control
2 Cosmic Color Ribbons
2 Light-O-Rama Networks
2 Rainbow Flood Extremes
6 Strings/252 Pixels Rainbow Pixels
5 DMX Universes
5 Songs


Mercury News Clipping
Winner of the San Jose Mercury News' 2012 Christmas light contest

Listed on The Rundown's "Electric Santa" list for 2011!